Sleep dentistry

Sleep through your next Dental Appointment.

What is sleep therapy?
  • Sleep Dentistry is the use of IV sedation, administered and monitored by a qualified and experienced medical doctor in the field of dental sedation techniques.

  • It creates a profoundly peaceful and dreamlike state of sedation that makes the dental experience relaxing, comfortable and enjoyable.

  • Sleep Dentistry is the most advanced sedation technique available for overcoming the fears, anxiety and discomfort that prevent many people from getting the dental treatment they need

  • It takes the trauma and distress out of your dentist visit. After only a short waking period you will be ready to go home and without any hangover effect.

Sleep dentistry is safer than any general anaesthetic and does not require hospitalisation. You can have sleep dentistry while you sit in the dentist’s chair!

What is sleep therapy?
  • Hate needles and shots

  • Have a low pain threshold or difficulty getting numb

  • Dislike the noises, smells, tastes and pain of dental treatment

  • Have a strong or "hair-trigger" gag reflex (gag easily)

  • Have very sensitive teeth or gums

  • Have complex dental problems or need long sessions of work done

  • Are busy and wish to have more work done in fewer sessions

  • Find dental treatments tedious, uncomfortable or boring

  • Are fearful and anxious about any aspect of dentistry


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